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Borneo Romance Escapade, on MTBs | Day 1| Part 1/5

Borneo Romance Escapade

Tour location : Kota Belud, Tambatuon, Kiau Valley, Kg Kaung and Lasau Podi.

Date : 2nd - 4th May 2016.

Tour : Ultimate Adventure Tour, 3 Days 2 Nights with a touch of romance (not us, but the couple).

The couple : Mr & Mrs Tan.

And the 3 stooges : Jeff, Christy and Pat.

Media tools : A smartphone, yep that's it.

Borneo Romance Escapade, on MTBs.

A journey of romantic cycling/trekking/food devouring escapade in Borneo. Mr & Mrs Tan rendered the entire tour as if they were in a romantic 60s novel. I've never read a novel to the end. Completing half of page 1 of a 5cm would be a major accomplishment.


Their (Mr and Mrs Tan) journey reminds me of a 2014 romantic Malaysian movie - "The Journey". -

Left : Mr & Mrs Tan, Right : The Journey

Left : Real life Borneo romantic escapade.

Mr & Mrs Tan on MTBs (Jeff as guide only. Not as the other pair).

Right : "The Journey". Photo taken from

There's a similarity ya. Close enough.

Here's a Mr & Mrs Tan's version of "The Journey". Enjoy!


- The Journey -

Part 1/5

Bike Borneo support vehicle at Christ's

0600am, (while Christy was still asleep).

Preparing our love/hate Ford truck before meeting up with the couple, Mr & Mrs Tan.

Last check - walkies, first aid kit, docs, all sort of spares, all sorted out.. Ah Jeff..we forgot Jeff.

Tying up something on something, avoiding heavy work

0700am, Bukit Kusai, Bike Borneo's meeting point.

Christy is caught looking busy tying up something to something. The journey from Kota Kinabalu took approximately 1 hour before arriving here at Bukit Kusai, Tamparuli.

Bukit Kusai is located in a remote area. Known for its MTB downhill trails and majestic scenic Borneo views.

Bukit Kusai Cafe

0700am, Bukit Kusai, Bike Borneo's meeting point.

The look of Bukit Kusai Cafe serves one of the best Rojak and Beef noodle soup.

Not into cycling? just try the noodle then,

Guardian of Kiau Valley

0930am, Kiau Valley, the Journey's starting point.

Greeted by the guardian of Kiau Valley.

Kiau Valley is the starting point of "The Journey".

Checks, safety/technical/route briefings of all sorts, and a final reminder to - Enjoy!

Kiau Valley

0940am, Kiau Valley, the Journey's starting point.

Left :Christy working hard on lubricating an already lubricated chain - not pretending though.

Right : Jeff being camera shy.

This is the starting of our most top tour '3 Days 2 Nights Ultimate Adventure Tour" . Starts from the top, Kiau Valley, then roll down to Kaung village. The ride takes you on scenic majestic Borneo view. A bit misty at times. Here's one of the most outstanding view taken with a so so camera phone.

View of Kampung Kaung

Mesmerizing view from Kiau Valley, overlooking Kaung village. See the route in the middle. That's where Mr & Mrs Tan beat Jeff on the hill climb. Yep, awesomeness!

White Scott Aspect

Jeff's bike. White Scott Aspect 29, hardtail.