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Borneo Downhill playground, Bukit Kusai

Bike Borneo is bringing in an insane single trail, mind blowing downhill madness to you. Here's some backstage teaser photos to keep you adrenaline junkies high!

Location : Bukit Kusai, Tamparali

Trail profile : Single trail, wooden ram, soil ram, steep slopes, horde of zombie mozzies.

Distance : 1 KM

Time : 45 minutes hiking, 10 minutes downhill thrashing.

Participants : Simon Amos, Edward Simpah, Christian John, Jeffrey Lawrence, Patrick Chung and Sairun Godfather.

Fun factor : Insane

Wooden ram, Bukit Kusai

Top of Bukit Kusai. Wooden ram, to keep em junkies happy.

Hard tail downhill.

Simon Amos ruined a Scott Aspect 29.

Eric, all the way from Hong Kong.

First downhill junky i've met.

Bukit Kusai Borneo style Cafe.

Starting point, one of the best Rojak around Borneo, here at "Warung Bukit Kusai' or Bukit Kusai Cafe.

Borneo style Cafe.

Bamboo Cafe, here at Bukit Kusai, brought to you by Bike Borneo!

Right, that's all for now. More bloopers/backstage stuff on the next post.

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