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Alex Adam

Alex, or known as Kapitan for he is the most senior of senior in Bike Borneo. As the eldest sibling of 10, he had been supporting his family by working in tourism industry since the late 90's. He does tour expeditions with big groups from many countries across Borneo Island, and VIPs for a private tour. With his Borneon charm, many people had been amazed with his never ending adventurous from the past and present ( And they lived to tell!)His careful eye and ears will alert you on the surroundings during the journey. Yes, he sounds like India Jones, but much better!  

Senior Ride Leader

Christian Timothy John

Christian is 31 years old and lives in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. During his college years, he work part time in, Hyatt Regency Hotel, in the food and beverage department. After he graduated, he continued his cooking passion across Malaysia’s finest restaurant. In that time, he commute to work daily with his bike and the passion to ride was growing stronger and stronger. He left his cooking days and finally join Bike Borneo. “This is my body and soul supposed to be” he told us. Christian’s passion in cycling and cooking will never end. He also likes camping, hiking and any other outdoor activities.

The Man

Jeff Lawrence

Age : 25

Other Interests (besides biking) : Motorcycle adventure, aramaiti (google it)

Tribe : Lundayu

Origin : Long Pa Sia, Sabah, Borneo

Known for in Bike Borneo : Warrior Guide

Bike Guide

Patrick Chung

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Some guy

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